MP4-1007-3 Lifting the World Up
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MP4-1007-3 Lifting the World Up
No. 1007
Category / International gathering
Event date / 2012.04.07
Place / Europe
Language / English
Time (mins) / 82
Smartphones / Aulacese,Chinese-S,Chinese-T,English,Spanish  |  
Tables / Aulacese,Chinese-S,Chinese-T,English,Spanish  | 
PCs / Arabic,Aulacese,Bulgarian,Chinese-S,Chinese-T,Czech,English,French,German,Hindi,Hungarian,Indonesian,Japanese,Korean,Malay,Mongolian,Persian,Polish,Portuguese,Romanian,Russian,Spanish,Thai
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During this international gathering, the Supreme Master Ching Hai recalled experiences from Her own life as well as Master Yogananda’s story. These examples remind us to treasure our close ones and to always express our love and affection to our parents.

Sometimes suffering will make us understand others better. We become more humble, enlightened, compassionate, loving and patient. So we should be thankful for the hardship of suffering, as it gives us the chance to grow up. At the same time, we should not judge by appearance. Even though someone might seem unfriendly, perhaps he or she is suffering at that time but cannot share with anyone.

During this gathering, the Supreme Master also shared Her exceptional love story and experiences in movie production when She was young.