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00715 Jokes About The 32 Holy Countenance
The king of Maya has much authority. He controls the Three Worlds, not just the first, not just our world, but all within the Three Worlds, including the astral realm, the karmic realm, and the Brahma realm. The Brahma realm refers to the Third World. It’s great. Even so, ..(more)
00749 Bible Stories~Samuel+Seeds of Spiritual Practice
Samuel~ Do you know what the most touching part of this story is? It’s the part about the woman who was yearning very much for a child. Because of having no children she felt very lonely and sorrowful and was teased by others. Then she ran to God and cried. Even ..(more)
00751 Bible Stories~The Tower of Babel+The Angels Rescue Lot+God Tests Abraham
The Tower of Babel~ There’s a moral to the story and we can learn from it. What is it? The more comfortable human beings become, the less they think of God. Back when their parents were still alive, everything was very simple. Everyone lived in the ark and ..(more)
00761 Bible Stories~The Garden of Eden+The Latter Part of Eden+The Noah's Ark
The Garden of Eden~Biblical story is not just about a piece of fruit; it has a moral. The ancient teachers, for fear of trouble, didn't dare put things in a straightforward way, so they used various parables to get their ideas across to the people. The Noah’s Ark ..(more)
00766 Bible Stories~The Exodus
The Exodus~ Although there were so many Israelites, God took care of the whole country for forty years. They were even in the desert, and yet Hes bestowed everything on them, not to mention living in a city. Why won’t Hes take care of us? It’s just that our ..(more)
00771 Bible Stories~The Ten Commandments
The Ten Commandments~ The Lord explained to Moses how to apply these commandments in various worldly situations and wanted Moses to explain them to the people. When the situation was different, the commandments were to be applied accordingly. The commandments were meant ..(more)
00775 Naroba's Spiritual Stories(I)
Naropa was born in a wealthy family and was intelligent since childhood. He became haughty because of his study in Veda and Buddhism and his fame ..(more)
00776 Naroba's Spiritual Stories(II)
Regardless of opposition of family and friends, physical suffering, long distance and hardships, Naropa left the sangha , scriptures, relatives ..(more)
00781 Naroba's Spiritual Stories (III)
Naropa meditated according to his Master’s instruction. He saw inner visions, but he was not attached to them. He had the experience of instant ..(more)
00782 Naroba's Spiritual Stories (IV)
Because of the extreme strict training by his Master, Naropa later became a famous Master with great compassion and very good to his disciples . ..(more)
00784 Bible Stories~The Birth of Jesus+The Boy Jesus in the Temple
The Boy Jesus in the Temple~ He had this realization when He was only twelve. He knew who He was. He knew the power of the Creator, but He didn’t understand ephemeral human relations and emotions. He didn’t recognize ephemeral human feelings. Well! Jesus Christ realized ..(more)
00794 Bible Stories~ The Sermon on the Mount+Beyond Moral Standards+The Return of the Prodigal Son
The Sermon on the Mount~ When we read the Bible or the Brahmajala Sutra, we know that we shouldn’t treat those who slander us and act badly toward us in the same way that they treat us. We should treat them with double love and kindness. If you only let him slap you ..(more)
00860 God Is Everything
Highlights~ "...So in that case one more person practice, one more light to the world. So that's why we should find any opportunity to encourage people to follow the path of renunciation. We renounce our ego only; I never ask you to renounce your ..(more)
00868 Bible Stories~The Perfect Example of a Great Saint
Jesus' death on the cross has many wonderful meanings andlessons for us. If we think about it, we could probably come to more conclusions and have more ideas.Jesus was young, very young. He could have had a beautiful lover. He could have enjoyed the world, at least after ..(more)
00887 Be Independent and We Will Be One with God
Highlights~ Master discusses the psychological aspects of possessive tendencies and insecurities, to present to us the picture of what people can be, how they can behave and how they sometimes hold themselves and others back, by not improving their ..(more)