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00592 The Importance Of Finding An Enlightened Master
when we see someone always deep in samadhi and so sweet and always smiling ..(more)
00607 Lecture In Prison : Mistakes Happen Under Pressingm Circumstances
Inmates all over the world have always been one of the specially-cared groups of Supreme Master Ching Hai. In 1989, Supreme Master personally visited Yi Lan Prison in ..(more)
00608 Lecture In Prison~The Modern Refugees
We call it the Third Eye, the Buddha Eye, or the Heavenly Eye, because it can see all kinds of other-worldly realms. We have to open this Eye to see those realms. It’s like our physical eyes. If they are blind, ..(more)
00648 Lecture In Sao Paulo,Brazil
Jesus Christ said,“If two or three people gather in my name, I will be with them.” He means that if a group of people with the same ideal, the same goal sit together,the power generated will be very great. Not only will we ..(more)
00656 How To Get In Touch with God Everyday
Highlights~ Saints always encourage people and emphasize that people should be enlightened and get in touch with the Kingdom of God, with the God-power. We can do so during this lifetime; it is not necessary to wait until we die to go through the ..(more)
00657 God is All Love, Compassionate, All Forgiveness and All Graces
Highlights~ God is the Light, God is the Word, the Word is the Light, and the Light is also the Word, if we contact with this Light or this Word of God, ..(more)
00678 The Outfit Of Buddhas’s Mind.&The Story Of Practice In Mt. Chee
If we get angry or need someone to accompany us, to accommodate our mood or opinion, then we still operate by ego. Do worldly love, power and possession bring security? Why worries are Bodhi? Master explained why ..(more)
00683 The Original Source Of All Things
Highlights~ Do you want to know how the human body is made? Supreme Master Ching Hai revealed that everything is made from light. Light of the higher worlds has certain degree of intelligence; it’s not ..(more)
00684 The Difference Between Gradual And Sudden Enlightenment
What is the method of gradual enlightenment? What is immediate enlightenment? Supreme Master Ching Hai explains the difference between the two different kinds of enlightenment. Master also indicated that all those ..(more)
00685 Liberated By Catching A Glance Of An Enlightened Master
Why can our souls be liberated after seeing the Master or Buddha? Because the Master or Buddha is separated from his karma, mind and any concept of ordinary human beings. Even though he still has the human body and ..(more)
00686 Why Is It Difficult To Follow An Enlightened Master’s Instructions?
Contents~ Most people don’t realize that doing things they like or doing things their Master commands will have different benefit. That’s why even though it’s very difficult to find a ..(more)
00706 The World Is The Best School
Can we live in Heaven forever? Master said, “If we don’t have an enlightened Master when we are living, we can’t practice spiritually in Heaven. So when the time is up, most of us will have to reincarnate and it’s very painful to do, because we know that it won’t be easy ..(more)
00709 By Understanding The Law Of Karma One Can Discriminate Between Good And Bad
If we can make up our mind every minute to do good things and go in the right direction no matter how difficult it is, or how many tests we have to go through, and if we can always do that, we will become stronger and stronger, go in the better direction, and then we will ..(more)
00710 Charity Alone Does Not Lead To Liberation
This first type is the material blessing, which would make us happy and satisfy our desires. This is the material blessing. There are many kinds of material blessings, depending on our material merit, spiritual merit, our power of thought, and how many good deeds ..(more)
00714 To Love Others Is To Love Oneself
The king of Maya has much authority. He controls the Three Worlds, not just the first, not just our world, but all within the Three Worlds, including the astral realm, the karmic realm, and the Brahma realm. The Brahma realm refers to the Third World. It’s great. Even so, ..(more)