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00510 Attain the Truth through Ultimate Union with 〝The One〞
When we haven't found the Tao , we have to reincarnate in the circle of life and death, feeling lonely and helpless, only able to do certain ..(more)
00522 The Secret Method to Recognize Our Inner True Self
Highlights~ Through the story of a missionary and a drowning child, Supreme Master Ching Hai explains to us that most of the people in this world are drowning in greed, anger, delusion, worry, ..(more)
00523 The Meaning of a Monastic Life
We should endure any difficult situations, because they are the best for us and can increase our courage and patience. To mature, we should go through much training. We can’t become a Buddha in a second, neither can we become saint in a day or two. It is known by the ..(more)
00524 Spreading the Truth is the Highest Form of Merit
To share the Dharma with others, we should first have the power derived from “Tao that is indescribable, and the method that cannot be explained and doesn’t have a name.” This method cannot be found in any scriptures.That’s why, since ancient times, the great ..(more)
00525 The Secret of Longevity
We should live happily in this world, not in misery, but most people don’t know how to be happy. All the physical things in this world are given to us by the Creator, and they have their purpose. Some things give us relaxation and peace, while others test our ..(more)
00527 The Confucianism in Chinese Philosophy
-Highlights In the profound Chinese philosophy, there are scriptures from Lao Tzu, Confucius, Chuang Tzu and many other great ancient philosophers, which have attracted great interests of research scholars from many ..(more)
00528  Confucius Is Also a Spiritual Practitioner
Highlights Many people misunderstand Confucius as an ordinary teacher who taught people only good thoughts such as benevolence, righteousness, propriety, ..(more)
00529 Humility Is The Basic Foundation Of Spiritual Practice
Through one of Sakyamuni Buddha’s past life story that he worshipped a hungry ghost as his teacher, Supreme Master Ching Hai reminded us that we must be humble so that we can see the Truth. If we ..(more)
00530 How To Achieve Eternity
This world is created for us to learn about virtues, suffering, making choices, and waking up to look inside. But we don’t wake up. Sometimes we are so busy and mesmerized by the outside things that we forget about the true self inside. This true self doesn’t need ..(more)
00531 Quan Yin Method Is The Method Of Loving Power
We can say that Quan Yin Method is the Method of Love. Even the love of this world between a man and a woman can make us ..(more)
00532 A Mother's Heart
At a gathering just after the Penghu lecture, disciples had a happy time talking to Master about their trip. The sea journey to Penghu was an adventure amidst gusty winds and huge waves, but our fellow initiates were not intimidated. Some of them saw Master’s ..(more)
00534 The Wise Choice
Master tells interesting stories about the quest for God and reminds us that God is within us. Whatever we pray for, we should try to find it inwardly. Longing for the most beautiful things, we should look within us. Seeking the Almighty Power, we ..(more)
00539 The Standard Of Judging Civilization’s Levels & How to Work for Master
Highlights Are a powerful army and advanced weapons sufficient to defend our country? How can we tell whether a country is civilized and blessed with merits? Master says we cannot judge by wealth or material progress. Instead, we should observe ..(more)
00545 The Precepts, Meditation and Wisdom
When we don’t forgive ourselves, even if we have good experiences, and we go to high realms in meditation, our conscious will not accept them. It will say to you, “You are such a bad person. You don’t deserve such good visions.” Then the good visions will turn to ..(more)
00546 Sincerity and Intense Longing are Essential to Know God
The scriptures have been passed down since 2,500 years ago. “This is what I heard.” Understand? Then they have been passed from one person to another until now we are not sure how many hands they have been through. Sometimes, one person heard it wrong, so the second, the ..(more)