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00483 How to Enter a Happy Spiritual Realm after Death
Quan Yin opens the highest power inside us so that we can make use of it. So it doesn’t matter what religion we believe in. Religions teach people to do good deeds, be kind, be benevolent, be charitable, keep the precepts, endure insults, love all beings, and be merciful. ..(more)
00484 The Preparatory Method Before Quan Yin Initiation
Everyone knows that there is a custom in Formosa that whenever our parents pass away or are sick, we should keep the vegetarian diet for a week or a month and then give the merit to them. Is that right? So isn’t it better for them and more filial to keep the vegetarian diet ..(more)
00485 How to Help a Dying Person & Why the Birth of Some Saints Was So Special
Master reminds us that in spiritual practice and in the course of pursuing Tao, we should not be so rushed and anxious to catch Buddha, or want to become a Buddha in a short time. Instead, we should be cool in our practice. How to be cool is spiritual ..(more)
00489 What Is the Purpose of Becoming a Nun or Monk?
Does one have to be a renunciate to practice spiritually? On this question, Master gave a flexible and balanced answer. Master said, “Any one-sided teaching is not in accordance with one’s heart and natural tendency.” “People are different. The ..(more)
00490 Where Does Karma Go?
What happens if we meditate immediately after taking a meal? What kind of sacrifice does an enlightened Master make in order to shoulder the karmic burdens of sentient beings? If karmic hindrances are intangible, can they affect the physical body? Why do ..(more)
00491 The Power of a Living Enlightened Master is Incomprehensible
There is a Zen Buddhist story about ten bulls. In this story, an enlightened Master didn’t use his magical power to prolong any lives, but in front of him, a dead tree bloomed. His magnetic field was so powerful that any physical things would revive ..(more)
00492 One Must Be Brave and Steadfast on the Quan Yin Path
We have another body, which is called the spiritual body or the “holy ghost,” or the body that houses the Buddha in Buddhism. Buddha’s body, speech and mind are completely different from those of mortal humans. Therefore, even after we have perfected our body, speech and ..(more)
00493 The Method that Cultivates Body, Mind and Speech
After we have purified our body, speech and mind, we will feel peaceful and happy. We will be able to endure insults without being aware of it. It will be natural to us. That’s why it’s called “Renru Paramita (perfect endurance).” After attaining perfect endurance, we will ..(more)
00494 The Spiritual Method that Transcends the World
Contents~ We are all passers-by in this short and transient life. We try our best to cultivate our body, speech and mind in this world, but ..(more)
00497 What Is a Correct Vegetarian Diet?
In the early years when Master had just started Her mission in Formosa, the pure vegetarian diet was still not popular, and it was difficult to find pure vegetarian food. As such, fellow initiates discussed this problem at the group meditation and reminded ..(more)
00499 Why Illness Can Be A Blessing
Why is it said, “troubles are Bodhi and sufferings are blessings?” Master commented, , “Whatever situation we are in, we should accept it, so it would turn ..(more)
00500 Master's Omnipotent Power Will Arrange Everything for Us
Master reminded fellow initiates to be cautious in spiritual practice and pay attention to the ingredients of food. She said, “If we eat any animal product, we have to bear a lot of karma. These foods are not free. They cost the animals’ lives! Anything that’s related ..(more)
00501 The Highway Method
Content~ How to choose from so many different spiritual methods? Which method is the safest and quickest to attainment? Master said there was one method that would never let you be possessed by ..(more)
00502 What is Maya's Pitfall
Highlights Life after life, we have been cheated by Maya by keeping falling into the traps he set, thus losing many lives. We are bound not only by our karma, but also by our indiscreetly ..(more)
00503 The Desire for Fame and Gain Is a Big Hindrance for Spiritual Practice
If we are afraid of something, it’s because we still have our reputation to consider, and we still have desire for fame and gain in this world, and we think our reputation in this world is very important, that’s ..(more)