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00461-2 Why Shouldn’t We Learn Magic Power?
Content Summary You have experiences, because you communicate with the Master. If you ask the ordinary human “me” for help, he can not help you. You ask the ordinary human “me” to heal the ordinary human ..(more)
00462  Is it  Possible to Attain Immortality?
Sometimes, the person inside, the one who wears the physical body, has no control of the body. He can’t control this tool anymore. The physical body is the tool of the person inside. We can call this person inside soul, so it’s clearer to you. Sometimes our souls can’t ..(more)
00463 Why Do Conflict and Slander Exist among Religions?
After attaining enlightenment, Shakyamuni Buddha said, “Haiya! All sentient beings have Buddha nature. They are equal to me and are no different from me.” After becoming Christ, Jesus said, “Haiya! All beings are the children of God.” They said the same thing. Lao Tzu, ..(more)
00464 Why Since Ancient Times Have Enlightened Masters Been in Constant Danger?
You see that since ancient times, when the great masters, such as Jesus Christ, Mohammad, Socrates and Shakyamuni Buddha, were alive, there were wars in the world. Why? It’s because they were enlightened, but the world was not. That’s why I told you to practice yourself, ..(more)
00465 Master’s Way of Charity: A Sharing Heart
It’s not enough to share food. Do you know what Shakyamuni Buddha said? “Sharing the Dharma is the highest form of charity.” What’s Dharma? It’s the teaching, the good method, good lifestyle, and the noble ideal. We can’t transmit the Dharma lineage, but we can spread the ..(more)
00466 The Relationship Between Material and Spiritual Life
Why should we wear elegant and dignified clothes? How does it relate to our manner and family? Why is each individual related to the whole universe? How do we recover the almighty power inside to bless ourselves? What’s the true coronation? What should we do ..(more)
00469-1 The Lifestyle of a Spiritual Practitioner
Highlights Master talked about Her early years when She was addressed as “the great Master from the Himalayans,” and went to shop in a fabric store in shabby clothes and straw shoes. She also told the funny stories about Her experience in ..(more)
00469-2 A Spiritual Practitioner Lives in Harmony with Nature
How is the spirit of sacrifice related to progress in spiritual practice? Most sentient beings know to pray to the almighty God or the efficacious Buddhas; but why are they still in ocean of suffering, undergoing transmigration and not attaining ..(more)
00470 The Method of Drying Clothes in Tibet
Why was Sakyamuni Buddha subjected to a six-year ordeal of ascetic practice before He attained enlightenment? Was there a special meaning behind this? What is the Method of Drying Clothes in Tibet, and why won't this practice lead us to our God Nature? ..(more)
00472 Giving Others Peace and Fearlessness
Highlights It is a blessing and God’s grace to a country if an Enlightened Master can come to share the Truth in that country. Master not only teaches us the way to attain the ultimate Truth, but also reminds us to follow the ..(more)
00474 The Story of Bernadette
Bernard had asthma and couldn’t cure herself. Some priests asked her, “You have healing power. The water in Luther has cured a lot of people, but why can’t you cure your own disease?” She said she didn’t know, and perhaps she was supposed to suffer and endure. She never ..(more)
00475  Liberating the Souls is the Only Responsibility of an Enlightened Master Summary
The only responsibility of an enlightened Master is to liberate the souls. We should go and find an enlightened Master or a living Buddha before we can be liberated in this life time. ..(more)
00476 The Difference between the Quan Yin Method and Magical Power
Yesterday, someone asked a good question. He asked, “What’s the difference between your method and magical power?” I told him that they are different. I want to share it with you today. Magical power is completely different from initiation in our method. The magical power ..(more)
00478 How to  Communicate with the Almighty Power of the Universe
We have to pay tolls when driving on the highways of this tangible world. If we want to go to higher realms in the intangible worlds, what kind of tolls do we have to pay? What material is used to make UFOs that ensures they do not explode ..(more)
00482 Attaining Buddhahood is the Highest Ideal
Buddha represents the highest ideal. An ideal is the goal that we want to reach. Or God is our highest ideal. I call it “ideal” for now, because I can’t find a proper name for it. It’s like what Lao Tzu said, “I don’t know its name, so I call it “Tao.” I don’t know how to ..(more)