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00445 Remember  The Original Purpose Of  Being Human
In this era, it’s easy to deliver the sentient beings, but it is also difficult, because people are too busy, too busy to have time to think about liberation, too busy to have time to remember why we are here. For example, we don’t take a moment to think, “Hey! I am not ..(more)
00446 The Story Of A Sikhist Patriarch
“When we meditate intentionally, that time is ours. It’s recorded clearly in Heaven. Whatever spiritual merit we earn is recorded. Even our earned worldly merit and karma are all recorded, so how can there be no one to record our supreme spiritual merit? There is an ..(more)
00447 Real Soul Mates
Do not think that your wife or your husband is your soul mate, your Ying or Yang half like a soul friend who has been with you life after life? It might not be the case. Maybe your soul mate is someone else. Maybe he/she is waiting for you up there. He or she might not be ..(more)
00448 Why Do We Experience Lights Of Various Colors During Initiation?
“At time of initiation, maybe it seemed to you that the process was not a big deal. You didn’t do any hand gesture or recite any mantra. But you have no idea how much change your soul had been through. You can’t see the invisible aspect of things. If you could see, ..(more)
00449 The Best Offering To Master Is Spiritual Development
Does the popular music and Karaoke have any impact on the children? Why are some children smarter, while others are slower? Why are some are more talented, while others are not? Is it useful to pray from the heart very sincerely? Master told us how to pray. There are ..(more)
00450 The Influence Of Books On Readers
Why, after carelessly telling other people certain things, do we have no inner experience for a long time? The Quan Yin Method doesn’t just cleanse the karma, it cleanses our body as well. The power will regulate our body, flushing out all the poisonous ..(more)
00451 Master Does Not Practice Any Religion
Suppose we believe in a religion, such as Catholicism or Buddhism. When we sing hymns to praise Jesus Christ and God in the church, we suddenly have a revelation or understand a part of the truth, we are actually practicing the Quan Yin Method at that time. Or sometimes, ..(more)
00452 What Religion Does Master Practice?
A lot of times, people didn’t correctly translate the meaning of the special terminology, but kept their pronunciations. For example, “Buddha” refers to “Fuo Tuo” in English. But in Sanskrit the word Buddha means “enlightened Master.” Instead of translating the meaning, ..(more)
00453 The Secrets Of Spiritual Pregress
Why do some people progress fast in spiritual practice, while others are slow? Do you want to know? It’s said that having one look of an enlightened master is like getting initiation if one is sincere, then why didn’t Milarepa get anything after living with his master for ..(more)
00455 Rebirth In A Better World Is Different From Liberation
Therefore, we should practice spiritually ourselves. Otherwise, it’s too wasteful, too pitiful. After we die, even if we were kings of this world, or Brahma-Devas of the Three Worlds, no one can save us. No one can give us anything. We go with nothing. At that time, it can ..(more)
00456 The Power Of An Enlightened Master Is Infinite
The son of his older brother asked a spirit medium to find his brother’s soul, but he couldn’t find him. Our initiate thought because Master’s photo was hanging there, it must have blocked the way, so his brother couldn’t come in. He excused himself and invited Master to ..(more)
00457-1 Where Is Our Real Self?
Question: Regarding our true self, Shakyamuni Buddha explained that it never diminishes, it is never born, and never dies. I remember it is recorded that a king asked him, “How to find this true self?” He cited an example, saying, “When you were three, you saw this river, ..(more)
00457-2 How Can The Buddha Benefit Six-Categories Of Sentient Beings?
Master, I want to ask you, “Is the Enlightened Master produced in this world, and then he/she will go to heaven, and other worlds to deliver sentient beings?” Answer, “Yes. The Enlightened Master goes from this world to other worlds to deliver sentient beings.” “Does it ..(more)
00459 The Longing Heart
When we make other people happy, we are also happy, because we are one. If you don’t understand this, then you can’t be a Buddha. Becoming a Buddha is to become one with others. We will become very sensitive. We will become very sensitive to other people’s sufferings. We ..(more)
00461-1 Practitioners Need to Go Through Spiritual Trials
Content: *Those who practice Quan Yin Method must have merits. Some become initiated just for forming affinity. It doesn’t matter whether they practice or not. It’s not that we don’t try our best to help ..(more)