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00370 Worshipping Buddha is Worshipping One's True Self
Why do all the fellow initiates who practice the Quan Yin Method have (inner or outer) experiences? Master answered a series of questions. Fellow initiates talked about their miraculous ..(more)
00371-1 The Ordinary Mind is the Tao
Fellow initiates shared their inner experiences Some people saw the stars, the Moon. Some heard the sound of the bell. They asked Master how they could go higher? Is it good or bad to experience strong vibration during ..(more)
00371-2 Observing the Precepts is Necessary inSpiritual Cultivation
It is not easy to make progress in our spiritual practice without keeping the precepts strictly. How is our practice different from those that allow so-called freedom and do not demand people to keep precepts? Some people have inner visions while working. Should they ..(more)
00372 The Origins of Superstitions and Idol Worship
Were the inner visions that some of the fellow initiates told Master real or illusions? It’s said that there is only a thin curtain standing between Buddha and sentient beings. What does that curtain represent? Why is it said that there is originally no karma? Why ..(more)
00375 Questions and Answers between Master and Disciples
What’s the best position for meditation? Why is the Quan Yin Method the best and the perfect method? How do you concentrate on the wisdom eye? We don’t “listen” to the Sound, but “contemplate” on it. How do you contemplate on the Sound? What is it like to be in ..(more)
00376 The Magical Power of Controlling the Weather
Master tells the story about a Tibetan Lamas’ magic power and its relationship to spiritual practice. Why do some fellow initiates feel uncomfortable after looking at the eyes of non-initiated people? What’s the difference between magic power and Master’s ..(more)
00377 Keep Yourself Pure to Receive Master's Blessings
What is the true offering? Why can a true spiritual practitioner benefit a thousand people and feed a hundred people without doing anything? What’s the meaning of the phrase “there is originally no karma?” It’s written in the Platform Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch ..(more)
00386 Where Is the Almighty Power
Splendid Content~ The Almighty power takes care of us every day after we turn it on; no matter where we go, what we do, so we shall not go ..(more)
00398 How to Recognize the Power of Quan Yin
“Master, it’s written in the scriptures that Quan Yin Bodhisattva is omnipresent. Why didn’t she save this pitiful family?” “That’s right! I also want to ask you why? It’s because we don’t know Quan Yin. We are not connected with Her. If we were, we wouldn’t need to ..(more)
00434 The Human Body Is The Most Precious
“Buddha and Bodhisattvas don’t mind our shortcomings. They only help us cleanse our shortcomings. Otherwise, we can’t keep ourselves clean after falling here! That’s how it is after falling here. Even if we don’t think of anything bad, other people’s thoughts will ..(more)
00435 The Nine Stages Of Buddhahood
“Some people come here from high levels in order to practice spiritually, and to bless this world. For example, they eat fruits in order to bless the farmer and the fruit tree so that it can become a human quickly, or bless the mineral so that it can be an animal, the ..(more)
00438 The Story Of Indian Practitioner Arjuna
“If we believe the words of those deities and ghosts, or the spirit medium, that we are the incarnation of certain Bodhisattva, and we will take on a lot of missions, then we should be cautious. If we want to believe them, we should first check ourselves to see what kind ..(more)
00442 Natural Disasters Arise From The Human Will
Sometimes we are sick or infected by others, or we encounter disasters, or war, it’s because the thoughts of humans are too evil. So don’t blame others and say, “Why do I suddenly have this disease? I am such a good person. I’ve done good things since being young. Why do I ..(more)
00443 Master's Omnipresence
How do you become a true spiritual practitioner? Why, since ancient times, were the great spiritual practitioners afraid of people and rarely taught others? What’s the right way to pray when a relative is suffering from a sickness? What’s the ..(more)
00444 The Story Of The Universe And The Galaxy
Highlights What kind of ceremony do high-level beings hold to greet their new spiritual leader? How do you have the fortune to be invited to travel to the high-level planets? How does the purifying treatment in hell use ultra-laser light ..(more)