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00919 How Did The War Start
The Buddha concluded that the cause of war is the lack of sharing between people and the greed within us. Someone who likes to take too much and left none for others. So nowadays in the modern times, people, the scientists, they have made some research and they thought ..(more)
00949 Make Use of Your Almighty Power
Highlighted What is the difference between those who have found their own almighty power and the ordinary people? A living master or a fully enlightened person knows how to make use of their own inner almighty power. He may sit in one place while his transformation ..(more)
00950 Meditation Is The Source Of Love
Highlights: Why can Supreme Master Qing Hai give out her boundless love to take care of so many people and does not feel her love diminished ? Supreme Master reveals that the ..(more)
00953 Appreciation Of Gibran's Poems
I think if there were no relationship and love in this world, maybe it would have been worse. But sometimes we don’t know how to handle the energy of relationship and love, we lose ourselves, and do all kinds of bad things. That is not right. Like the example of Emperor ..(more)
00984 Master's Lecture before Initiation--Be a Good Tool of the Creation
If we serve as a good tool, Buddha’s blessing power can be conveyed to this world through us, benefiting everyone, including our neighbors, friends, relatives of five, sixe, seven, eight, ..(more)
00985 How to Surmount Karma Hinderance & Ending the Karmas of Previous Lives
I think if there were no relationship and love in this world, maybe it would have been worse. But sometimes we don’t know how to handle the energy of relationship and ..(more)
00999 Master's Discourse to Children
This MP3 collects Master’s 4 lectures for children. With her love for children, Master always sets aside special time for children besides taking care of adult fellow initiates. She taks care ..(more)
01001 Maitreya Buddha & 6 Children
Sometimes when we meditate, we perceive beautiful children leaving us one by one. They’re our bad qualities. Don’t think that you’re perceiving immortal children and feel reluctant to leave them. ..(more)
01009 A Speech Drior To Initiation
Why must people who have received initiation into the Quan Yin Method observe the Five precepts? What are the consequences of failing to observe the precepts? There are innumerable planets in the universe, some superior and some of lower levels. Do you want ..(more)
01012 The Truth About The World
1.Sometimes there are several kinds of obstacles in spiritual practice -- obstacles from oneself, others and uncontrollable emotions. When we think of Buddha, brimming ..(more)
01024 Developing Good Morals By Reing Virtuous Books From Childhood
If we learn to be good people as children, we’re less likely to be a burden on others when we’re older. We should learn basic ethics from childhood. If there's anything you don't understand, ask your ..(more)
01027  The Ideal of Non-Violence
Highlights~ This lecture includes 3 spiritual stories. One desperately poor man throw a stone at a mango off the tree to feed himself, but the stone hit a king’s head . What punishment would he get? What decision ..(more)
01074 The Real Self & TheChoice Of The Subconsciouness
Some people can see our past and future like the ones I talked about. Please don’t think it’s strange. It’s not. It’s a like using a computer. We can see the physical computer with our physical eyes. To see the invisible ..(more)
01075 Why Didn't Buddha Save The Beings From Hell & Master Gave Lecture After Initiation
Why should we practice meditation every day? Is there good Buddha and bad Buddha? What are the benefits of reciting the Five Holy Names? Sometimes our soul goes out without our awareness and we feel it when the soul comes back. Wow! We feel as if we are falling ..(more)
01078 To Realize The Essence Of All Religions Is Through Enlightenment
I think our world needs to change. Whatever we can change, we should do it. Because there are many other planets, many other worlds, compared to them, our planet is somewhat backward. At times, it’s been reported that there have been UFOs and flying saucers that came from ..(more)